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      Productivity and morphology of Ankole cattle in three livestock production systems in Uganda [2]
      Prof W. Senteza Kajubi. [1]
      PROF. A.W.Williams. The first professor and Head of division of medicine 1950-61. [1]
      Prof. Eric Holmes. The first professor Head of the department of physiology.1950-1956. [1]
      Prof. J.S.W. Lutwama. [1]
      Prof. J.S.W.Lutwama. [1]
      Prof. Kyalwazi - A great Surgeon. [1]
      Prof. Livingstone S Luboobi, Vice Chancellor M.U.K. [1]
      Prof. William Senteza Kajubi Monument. [1]
      Prof. Y.K: Lule, C.B.E, B.SC. MED Principal, Makerere University College. [1]
      Prof.H.J.Croot. [1]
      PROF.J.N.P.Davies. [1]
      Professional development practices and service delivery of academic staff in Kampala International and Kyambogo Universities in Uganda [1]
      Professional Development Programmes and Academic Staff Pedagogical Practices in CHUSS and COVAB at Makerere University [1]
      Professional ethics in Primary Schools in Uganda [1]
      Professional ethics in primary schools in Uganda: a case study of selected schools in Kampala and Kiboga districts. [1]
      Professional teacher empowerment and job performance in government aided secondary schools in Kalungu District [1]
      Professionalism in Mathematics teacher education and its influence on teacher practice in Liberaia: a case study of two rural Teacher Training Institutions. [1]
      Professor B. George Kirya. [1]
      Proficiencies for studying law and academic achievement: Relevancy of prior studies [1]