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      Timing of Antiretroviral Therapy after Diagnosis of Cryptococcal Meningitis [2]
      Timing of diagnosis and treatment among patients with prostate cancer at the Uganda Cancer Institute [1]
      Tinkigarukayo Enyima [1]
      Tinkitina Sitaane [1]
      To assess the performance of the current Community Based Management Systems (CBMS) in maintenance of rural water facilities in Rakai District [1]
      To use or not to use a condom: A prospective cohort study comparing contraceptive practices among HIV-infected and HIV-negative youth in Uganda [1]
      Tobacco use and associated factors among adults in Uganda: Findings from a nationwide survey [1]
      Tobacco use, knowledge of tobacco health effects and perceptions towards tobacco control among tobacco growers in Kihiihi Sub-County, Kanungu District [1]
      A tool to mitigate denial of service attacks on LAN [1]
      Total lymphocyte count of 1200 is not a sensitive predictor of CD4 lymphocyte count among patients with HIV disease in Kampala, Uganda [2]
      Total lymphocyte count: not a surrogate marker for risk of death in HIV infected Ugandan children [1]
      Towards a clustered system for supercomputing [1]
      Towards a holistic and relevant educational assessment in primary schools in Uganda [1]
      Towards a management information system for public administration in Uganda [1]
      Towards a model for implementing local e-government in Uganda [1]
      Towards a MYSQL graphical user interface [1]
      Towards a national fisheries sector management information system [1]
      Towards a public library system in an urban changing society: A case study of Kampala Library [1]
      Towards a reusable evaluation framework for ontology based biomedical systems integration [1]
      Towards a reusable ontology framework for biological information integration [1]