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      The paradox of poverty amidst plenty in the fish product chain in Uganda: the case of Lake George [1]
      Parameters influencing completion of research projects by postgraduate students in School of Education, Makerere University [1]
      Parasite-based diagnosis for malaria in Uganda: feasibility and cost-effectiveness [1]
      Parental influence, socio-economic factors, school environment and career choice amongst secondary school students [1]
      Parental involvement and students’ academic performance in public secondary schools in Pallisa District, Uganda [1]
      Parental monitoring, depression and risky sexual behaviors among adolescents living in slum areas [1]
      Parenting styles and adolescent drug abuse [1]
      Parenting styles, family social economic status and conduct disorder among adolescents [1]
      Parenting styles, parental monitoring and adolescents‘ risky sexual behavior [1]
      Parenting styles, parental monitoring, and adolescent sexual behavior [1]
      Parenting styles, self- esteem and students’ academic achievement in secondary schools in Sironko District [1]
      Parents perspectives and their involvement in Reproductive Health Education of their in-school adolescents in Soroti Municipality, Uganda. [1]
      Parents’ involvement in protecting children against violence in schools: A study of selected schools in Mukono District, Uganda [1]
      A Parking management system: a case study of Garden City Complex [1]
      Participation, empowerment,change message, individual intervention and contextual performance in transforming organisation [1]
      Participatory livestock farmer training for improvement of animal health in rural and peri-urban smallholder dairy herds in Jinja, Uganda [2]
      Participatory management of fisheries resources of Lake Nakuwa in Pallisa District, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Participatory physical planning in Uganda: investigation on public participation processes during the preperation of the 1994 Kampala structure plan [1]
      Participatory planning for the transformation of the Faculty of Medicine into a College of Health Sciences [1]
      Passengers and courier information system: a case of Akamba public road service limited [1]