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      Opi Ma Tuliza Nyidri [1]
      Opi Madri Remix ( My God) [1]
      Opi Mdri (My Lord ) [1]
      Opi Rubanga Ungwe Adam Ni [1]
      The opinion of educational stakeholders to the new science-based policy and its effective implementation in secondary schools in Mbarara District [1]
      Opportunities And Challenges Of Resettlement And Protection Of Internally Displaced Persons In [1]
      Opportunities and challenges of implementing inclusive education in some private primary schools in Kampala District [1]
      Opportunities and challenges of resettlement and protection of internally displaced persons in pader district (2005 – 2007) [1]
      Opportunities and constraints in developing forestry curriculum to meet farmers' needs under the Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture in Uganda [1]
      The opportunities and obstacles to development planning method used in Tanzania’s decentralized local governments: A case of Rulenge and Murusagamba Wards in Ngara District of Kagera Region [1]
      Optimal growth conditions of Agrobacterium Rhizogenes for use in the transformation of banana (musa spp). [1]
      Optimal number of samples required to diagnose tuberculosis by sputum culture among adult HIV infected smear negative suspects in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Optimisation of in vitro techniques for cassava brown streak virus elimination from infected cassava clones in Uganda. [1]
      Optimisation of technical human resource in management of road maintenance projects: A case study of Pallisa District [1]
      Optimising IT potential: a data mart for the Credit Department of PostBank Uganda Limited [1]
      Optimising spawning conditions and growth performance of larvae and juveniles in Barbus altianalis (Boulenger, 1900) [1]
      Optimization based blended learning framework for constrained bandwidth environment [1]
      An optimization model for determining the number of telecommunication companies [1]
      Optimization of biogas production from banana peels: Effect of particle size on methane yield [1]
      Optimization of numerical models for operational weather forecasting in Uganda [1]