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      Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus- 1 (HIV- 1) by β-chemokine analogues in mononuclear cells from HIV- 1 -infected patients with active tuberculosis [1]
      Inhibitory effect of anti-paraflagellar RODc antibodies on in-vitro growth of trypanosoma brucei brucei [1]
      Initial attempt to establish population reference values for blood glucose and lipids in Makerere University undergraduate students [1]
      Initial drug resistance patterns to the essential anti-tuberculous drugs in previously untreated newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculous patients attending Mulago hospital. [1]
      Initial outcomes of provider-initiated routine HIV testing and counseling during outpatient care at a rural Ugandan hospital: risky sexual behavior, partner HIV testing, disclosure, and HIV care seeking [1]
      Initiation and immediate outcome of Kangaroo care for premature infants in Mulago hospital. [1]
      Injury patterns in rural and urban Uganda [1]
      Inlet without outlet: The rehabilitation process of soldiers with disabilities in Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) [1]
      Innovating university education: A book in honour of Makerere University’s 90 years of excellence 1922–2012 [1]
      Innovation and employment growth: evidence from manufacturing firms in Africa [1]
      Innovation and growth of firms in East Africa [1]
      Innovativeness, customer value, and the growth of SMES in Uganda [1]
      Innovativeness, customer value, and the growth of SMEs in Uganda: a case of radio broadcast media in Kampala. [1]
      Inpatient diagnoses and discharge outcomes of HIV positive patients on antiretroviral therapy admitted to Mulago Hospital [1]
      Inpatient mortality in children with clinically diagnosed malaria as compared with microscopically confirmed malaria [1]
      Insect vectors of Xanthomonas campestris pv musacearum: Distribution across altitudes, seasons and banana cultivars in Rwanda. [1]
      Insight into PMD regimes: an analysis on buried optical fibres [1]
      Insights into the information needs of women in the informal sector of Uganda [1]
      Institutional and disciplinary perspectives of community transformation in Gulu University [1]