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      Forward Back Wards [1]
      Fotina Ya Nini [1]
      Founder members’ leadership, resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation roles and the performance of Non-Governmental Organizations in Kampala District: The case of Rubaga Division [1]
      A Framework for Adaptive Educational Modeling : a generic process [1]
      A framework for adaptive educational modeling :A Generic Process [1]
      A framework for adoption of business process design and analysis techniques in Ugandan organisations [1]
      A framework for designing sustainable telemedicine information systems in Uganda [1]
      Framework for determining airport daily departure and arrival delay thresholds: Statistical modelling approach [1]
      A framework for knowlege management in codifying tacit into explicit knowledge [1]
      Framework for mitigation of weaknesses in the processing of direct cash transfers: A case of UNICEF Uganda [1]
      A framework for outsourcing IT security services in SMEs in Uganda [1]
      Framing the Commonwealth in Uganda’s print media: A comparative study of the New Vision and Daily Monitor newspapers [1]
      Framing the presence of the Uganda People’s Defence Force in South Sudan and the prospects of peace journalism [1]
      Fraud and technology risk management in Stanbic Bank Uganda [1]
      Free antiretrovirals must not be restricted only to treatment-naive patients: experience in Uganda suggests that restricting access is not the way forward [1]
      Frequency of and risk factors for HIV dementia in an HIV clinic in sub-Saharan Africa [1]
      Frequency of markers of resistance to antifolates used as preventive therapy for placental malaria in pregnant women, Tororo District [1]
      From known to unknown: language and literature learning and teaching in Uganda [1]
      From the ground up : User involvement in the development of an information iystem for use in HIV voluntary counselling and testing [1]
      Frontloading versus standard sputum smears for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in Mulago Hospital, Kampala [1]