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      Working capital management practices at freshcuts Uganda limited [1]
      Working capital management practices of small and medium enterprises in Kampala Central Division in Uganda [1]
      Working capital management practices, organizational ethical compliance and patient satisfaction in Uganda: a case of public health facilities in Kampala. [1]
      Working capital management, financial skills and business performance of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMES) in Nakawa Division [1]
      Working conditions and the rights of women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda: A case study of Walukuba/Masese Division-Jinja District, South Eastern Uganda [1]
      Workload, rewards and working environment as antecedents of job satisfaction among academic staff at Makerere University. [1]
      Workplace conflict management in small businesses in Uganda: a case study of Pinkstone Trading SMC Ltd [1]
      Workplace environment and the job satisfaction of non-academic staff in Kyambogo University [1]
      Workplace incivility, supportive supervision, occupational stress and emotional exhaustion among workers in Centenary bank, Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Workplace violence and employees: A case study of Uganda Telecom Ltd [1]
      Worshipping of Beligen (god) of Naro cave in Kadam [1]
      Writing competence in English: a genre-based analysis of university students’ written texts, 2000-2015 [1]
      X- Mass Time Remix [1]
      X-ray emission properties of supernova remnants SN1987A and SN1006 from Chandra data [1]
      Y-chromosome genotyping of the Balamogi, the Bagwere and the Banyole of Eastern Uganda [1]
      Yaida Plain 2. [1]
      Yaida Plain. [1]
      Yakiira [1]
      Yaribu Nk' Enyana Ezairwe [1]
      Yaruga Owabo Aremeire [1]