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      Reeba ah'irembo [1]
      Reeba enaku nizinteera [1]
      A reference model for biomedical ontology evaluation: the perspective of granularity [1]
      The reference range of serum magnesium substance concentration among healthy young adults at Makerere University College of Health Sciences 2012 [1]
      Referring to information source in Kirundi: The case of lexical evidential markers. [1]
      Reflection on the character of the Sudanese state and the making of a dominant power bloc [2]
      Reflections on freedom of expression in Uganda’s fledgling democracy: sedition, “pornography” and hate speech [1]
      Refugees and enviromental security in Uganda [1]
      Refugees and Politics in Uganda [2]
      Refugees’ right to life and property: a case study of Nakivale Refugee Settlement [1]
      Regard for workers’ dignity: A remedy to the poor conditions of workers in Wakiso Town, Wakiso District [1]
      Regeneration and transformation systems for improving resistance to weevils in Ugandan sweetpotato cultivars. [1]
      Regeneration status of indigenous forest tree species of Mt. Otzi Forest Reserve, Moyo District [1]
      Regional differences in potential determinants of hypertension among Ugandan adults [1]
      Regional economic integration and its implications on exports and economic growth in the COMESA region (1980-2010) [1]
      Regional integration and tax harmonisation: A critical analysis of the East African Double Taxation Agreement [1]
      Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM): Financial Statements, 30th June, 2016 [1]
      Regional variation in utilization of post-partum care services in Uganda [1]
      Regulatory compliance in Ugandan public procurement: A case of Central Government PDEs [1]
      Rehabilitation and expansion of Uganda technical college, Kyema: lot 3 Uganda National education support (UNES). [1]