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      The role of the Uganda Human Rights Commission in promoting civic education: A case study of Mbarara and Moroto Districts [1]
      The role of trade unions in the defence of workers’ rights: a case of the National Union of Plantation and Agricultural Workers in Uganda (NUPAWU) [1]
      The role of ultrasound in evaluation of radiographically suspected pleural effusions among in patients at mulago hospital. [1]
      The role of Universal Primary Education in the alleviation of domestic child labour in Uganda: The case of Nakawa division, Kampala district. [1]
      The role of visual arts in post conflict reconstruction in Northern Uganda. [1]
      The role of women in promoting peace and reconciliation in families, in light of Africae Munus, in Katikamu Parish [1]
      The role played by non-governmental organizations in the fight against illiteracy in Uganda: a case study of World Vision Uganda (Kapeeka & Namusaale Sub Counties) Nakaseke District during 2005-2009 [1]
      The roles of Nigiina self-help projects in empowering women in eradicating poverty: A case study of two women groups in Kawempe Division, Kampala District, Uganda, 2001-2010 [1]
      Rolling out antiretrovirals in Africa: there are still challenges ahead [1]
      Root and canal morphology of maxillary first and second permanent molar teeth in a Ugandan population [1]
      Rosette virus disease complexes assessment and development of groundnut regeneration protocol in Uganda [1]
      Rua Ari Tro (Body and Blood) [1]
      Rubanga Ata Nayi Amani Azi [1]
      Rubanga ebe canda mani [1]
      Rubanga Ma Taa (God my Father) [1]
      Rubanga Ni Ingwa Ya? [1]
      Rubanga Obi Ma Izi Aduni Ya? [1]
      Rubanga Obi Ma Izi Aduni Ya? (Why did God make me a woman) [1]
      Rubanga Obi Vu (God Created The World) [1]